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National Career Awareness Project

NCTN is launching a National Career Awareness project, supported with funds from the National Institute for Literacy* administered through the LINCS Regional Resource Center 1. The goal of the project is to improve the capacity of state professional developers, adult educators, and counselors to deliver career awareness instruction and counseling using the Integrating Career Awareness (ICA) curriculum. The ultimate aim is to prepare project participants to assist adult learners in gaining greater awareness of career opportunities and career planning skills.

The project uses the Integrating Career Awareness into the ABE/ESOL Classroom curriculum in an online course facilitated by the curriculum authors and editor, Martha Oesch, Carol Bower, and Sandy Goodman. Participants will be invited to pilot lessons during the course and more extensively as a follow-up to the course during which time they will participate in a learning community and receive coaching from the course facilitators. 

The Career Awareness project will be offered first to state professional developers and selected ABE/ESOL programs in LINCS Regions 2 and 1, January- June, 2011. A second round of the project will be offered to LINCS Regions 3 and 1, July – December, 2011.

Expectations of Participating State Level Professional Development Entities

The state professional development entities that participate in the project will work with NCTN to develop a plan to sustain the dissemination of the ICA curriculum guide and training beyond the timeframe of this project. In order to be eligible for participation, state professional development entities will designate a staff person who will:

  1. Collaborate on the recruitment and selection of a minimum of four participating programs in their state;
  2. Participate in the online course and related webinars;
  3. Review the lesson plans and logs of the participating programs in their state to glean lessons learned;
  4. Assist the Career Awareness Coordinator to identify state-specific materials and information to compliment the ICA curriculum and respond to participant questions, such as  questions about how to connect the ICA curriculum to state standards or initiatives; and
  5. Develop a plan for sustaining professional development offerings related to career planning.

Expectations of Participating Adult Education Programs

In collaboration with the state PD providers recruited for the project, we will select urban and rural programs and staff with an eye toward the following criteria. Eligible programs should:

  1. Be committed to increasing their students’ career planning skills;
  2. Offer intermediate level instruction in ESOL or ABE, or ASE or college/career readiness;
  3. Have two staff, who are either teachers and/or counselors, who commit to fully participate in the online course;
  4. Have an up-to-date computer lab with high speed Internet access available for students; and
  5. Have a strong interest in program improvement and program leadership commit to integrating promising practices from the project in program operations.

A review of the ICA curriculum can be found in the LINCS Workforce Competitiveness Resource Collection at:

For more information contact:  Sandy Goodman at or 617-385-3816.

*This project is supported by funds from the National Institute for Literacy, through CFDA 84.2567T, LINCS Regional Resource Center Grant No. X257T060001.

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